Copy of Why HoodieBee?

Hi, I’m Danielle the founder of  We have a unique approach to outerwear at an incredible value.  Supplying on trend pieces with unique elements and detail down to the thread. 

I grew up in a beach community with warm summers and cool winters.  Having a comfortable hoodie for when the sun goes down was something I never left home without.  Nothing ruins a sunset like goosebumps. 

I’ve spend years searching for current styles with a casual and professional approach without sacrificing quality for a staggering price tag.  I finally decided to pool my resources and start the company I was looking for.  quality hoodies that last. Shop for one for yourself or pick up a bunch for your team or club.  What's cool is all these items can be embellished with your logo or design for a touch of your own personal style.

Thanks for stopping by!